Moms always know the buttons to push with their kids to bring out the smiles. Moriah was right on it when we met up for a mini session with her son Keegan. She brought along some sweet family who made him grin and adventured around the park with him. He was a tiny bit shy with me at first but after she teased and poked at him again, he was shining with an awesome six-year-old-missing-his-front-teeth grin.

03-IMG 1129 copy

Here they are all together. The colors were just fabulous.

01-IMG 1123 copy


02-IMG 1117 copy


04-IMG 1149 copy


05-IMG 1146 cop1

She was teasing away and finally he cracked and gave me a winning smile.

06-IMG 1161 copy


07-IMG 1163 copy

Mama love is always one of my favorite favorite things to photograph.

08-IMG 1167 copy


09-IMG 1169 copy


10-IMG 1174 copy

And I especially love it when moms let me take a few pictures of just them. Moriah is beautiful and what a gift to her boy to have portraits of her too. (Right now I am sure it's the last thing on his mind but there will come a day when he'll be glad for it.)

14-gallery moriah1



11-IMG 1202 copy

13-gallery moriah

12-IMG 1207 copy

And that's a smile worth documenting!

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