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I took a few photos tonight of Ben and my kids who I must admit, were rather grimy and crusty, especially the boys. This is our life. Lots of little laughs and looks, time outs, stories, wrestling, kissing, snacks and crayons. I love my life and I love my kids and I love the guy who has made all this possible. So I want to share some of these photos as well as some of the things that I appreciate right now about Ben.

Love how Tymen's hand is squarely on Ben's face as he pulls himself in to join the fray.

IMG 3653 copy

He gets the boys up in the morning so I can get on the treadmill and soldier away at taking off my baby weight.He makes me great coffees just the way I like them.

No small feat to get the boys to stand relatively still for a few moments. Jasper lost his pants after dinner when they had food ground into them.

IMG 3723 copy

He is infinitely better at overlooking my faults than I am in overlooking his. He loves family...mine, his, and anyone else that he can loop in. He is funny and can crack me up.

Ummm....yes...the same shirt from my last posting but I promise it was washed in the last week.

IMG 3657 copy1

He is so generous towards me and the first thought when we have extra cash is how to bless me. He washes dinner dishes and sends me upstairs to the office to let me have some "alone time" after a hectic day.

One of the things they all love the best is "tickle time" with Daddy.

IMG 3649 copy

He listens, really listens to me. I can tease him and he can dish it right back. He sends me out for girl time.

This boy of ours loves to hug and rub noses. This morning, unfortunately, he left a booger behind on my face. Ben plays it safe by hugging.

IMG 3703 copy

He runs down to unload the van when he knows that I have come home with groceries. He loves God and lives by His Word.

Jasper has some big feet to follow...and yes, that is orange magic marker on his feet.

IMG 3662 copy

He can make a mean omelet.

Love this.

IMG 3670 copy

He wants me. He turns his heart towards me. I love him.

And this.

IMG 3683 copy

And then I have to share one more picture of the "elephant in the room" that I found when Ruby and I returned from her doctor's appointment this afternoon. Somehow, he had gotten into the markers and decorated his foot while I was gone and daddy was "supervising" while working. Does anyone need a busy 2-year-old for a few days....Oma? Nana? Auntie Margo?

IMG 3612 copy