It's a click of my shutter that freezes a moment in time. I am so very grateful for all of you who have allowed me to capture you in front of my camera in 2012. I don't photograph models. I photograph real people and families. Sometimes this involves making time in very busy schedules. It takes pushing away hesitation (sometimes a loathing) to be in front of a camera. It involves valuing being photographed with the ones you love (and even more courage can sometimes be found in being photographed by yourself!). It shows that quality photography is something that you feel is worth your money.

I don't take it lightly when you make the time and effort to meet with me. I know there are a ton of photographers out there with a wide spectrum of skill, style, and price ranges and the fact that you value me and my camera means a lot. A lot.

A big part of the gift of photography is that it gives me a chance to get to know you and in that process the blessing is mine. We've talked and connected and I've even received new friendships. I've tried to work on your portraits as I would want portraits of my own family. I've wiped a few tears as I've edited, prayed for you, and had fun with your kids.

Thank you.

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I have learned and grown a lot this past year. Looking towards the new year, I feel like there are a lot of things that I am anxious to improve upon and do more of:

  • Parent Photography Workshops- I've had great response to the five I did last year and plan on doing quarterly classes this year. The next one is on Saturday, Feb. 2 and more details will be out in the next day :). The mamas and the dads and the grandparents I know are wanting to take better shots of their kids and I LOVE helping them learn how to do it!
  • I want to improve my organization and work flow for editing. My Lightroom 3 has been sitting in a box for a year and it's high time I learn how to use it. I feel like I am about 80% relational and creative with my photography and 20% technical. I need to learn more with that and I'm always itching to learn how to use my camera better.
  • I feel like I have a good balance on how often I shoot and leave the house but can definitely improve in the time that I edit and blog, so that it doesn't creep into time with my dear ones. As with anyone who works for themself, there's always more to do.
  • I'm really hoping to shoot more couples this year, anniversaries and "just because" photos. I really enjoy this! I also LOVE doing individual portraits and am thrilled for the opportunities I have to do these.
  • I want to shoot a bit more this year of families playing together, like maybe part of it be more put together portraits and some of it just be doing an activity together: playing at the beach, experimenting at the children's museum, playing at a park at sunset, going on a donut date, sledding on a wintertime hill. I promise you, if you want to include an activity in your regular session, I'll make it a nice big gallery.

Lastly, I want to thank those of you who read my blog, leave comments which greatly encourage me and share my work. I don't pay to advertise anywhere. It's all done through word of mouth and Facebook sharing. Your referrals are a high compliment. Your kind words lift me.

Thank you, dear ones. Happy 2013. I'm looking forward to getting many of you in front of my camera this year!

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