I have loved seeing all kinds of stuff that people are thankful for on Facebook posts this month. Can anything be more gratitude inducing than counting your blessings? This is the third year I have sat down and typed out a list of things for which I am thankful . Last year's post is HERE.

So here I go...10 minutes...in no particular order.

A chubby new baby to kiss and kiss and kiss, no more preterm contractions to count all day long....HALLELUJAH!, little boys that can dress themselves, the local carwash, Pottery Barn sales online, caller I.D., iced coffee, freezer meals, toys that keep my kids occupied for hours on end, encouragement, big canvas prints of my kids on my wall (yay, got those today!), a new niece to smooch and photograph, a sister to swap mummy advice with, my Kitchen Aid mixer, girls' nights, new music, a good long laugh, generous and kind friends, internet access, watching friends walk into the process of the miracle of adoption, naptime each and every day, beaded bracelets made by my girlie, great midwives, local produce, old friends,new friends, Dutch sausage, my dad retiring so Oma and Opa can visit a lot, teasing my husband, a great spatula, love notes written by Ruby, the color blue, library books, comfy shoes, how Jasper prays at each meal for everything under the sun and ends with "and thank-you for my love", crisp waffles topped with a warmed topping of butter-honey-maple syrup, my day planner, time to talk with Ben at the end of the day, garbage service, Amazon's free shipping, the way Tymie says, "Me loves you.", oilcloth, wonderful teachers that love my kids, a sweet baby who sleeps in my arms, good news, great soup, kind neighbors, facebook comments, Giraffey, the way that the kids adore Theo, my Bible, my camera, cooking comfort food, family, diaper wipes, a wonderful church family, the love and grace of my Lord.

I am also thankful for you, dear reader. I have found that I love blogging and sharing images and thoughts. Thanks to all of you who have allowed me to photograph you and your loved ones, those of you who have visited and commented, those who have encouraged me along the way. What an incredible blessing it is for me to be a wife and mom and also to nourish my creative side through photography.

Here's a picture of my dear loves. My heart...and my nest overflows. I am thankful.

IMG 6941 copy edited-1

Be blessed as you are thankful too.

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