I am thankful for: Good pots of soup that are more yummies than broth, sushi date nights, pedicures, good books, healthy children, a job from home for Ben, Jasper’s laugh, jeans that fit, fat baby thighs,  hand me downs from my sister, the color orange, strong coffee with heavy cream, encouraging people, the sidewalk in front of my house for my kids to ride bikes and pogo down, vacuum cleaners that work, Meghan who lives with us who we dearly love, phone calls, cardigan sweaters, a community of moms that care, quiet, great teachers, a church that we love, photobooks, cherry pie, pretty earrings, being forgiven, paper stores, inspiration, family dinners, Tymen’s hugs, cute socks, tulips, parents that love us, ice, living so close to the water and the mountains, our lifegroup, good friends for my children, Trader Joe’s corn salsa,  a good camera, the ability to learn, notepads, a sense of humour, Ruby’s company, facebook, a fantastic principal at our kids’ school, kids who sleep really well, craft supplies, company, my sister and her family, things to look forward to, a full pantry, creativity,  Theo’s huggableloveableness, good blogs, people who are generous with their words and attitudes, old friends, good memories, chores that kids do, photographing wonderful people, seeing faith bear fruit, goat cheese in my salad, pictures of my family on my walls, hope that doesn’t disappoint, high quality linens, dinners out with friends, honest conversation, an education, my relationship with Jesus.

For all the fluff in this list, the people I love and who love me and the God I place my hope in, weigh in the heaviest.

I think Jasper nailed it.