What a difference a year makes! There is no other year that you'll see so much development in a life as the first year of life. That's why I am always thrilled when parents opt for my Baby's First Year Package. I have a feeling that as the years pass, these images of them with their precious son will only increase in value to them. Besides that, I am always so happy to get to visit with a family and hear of the milestones being reached and see the love grow. Win-win for sure :). Here is Cathie's maternity shoot, Teis' newborn session, and his six month pictures.

Teis has just turned one. He is a very kind, responsive, and happy little soul. His parents know his favorite books, are conquering animal sounds with him and are so delighted with him. What a pleasure it was to document a morning of them doing some of his favorite activities and then letting him munch down some cake in celebration.

IMG 0610 copy


IMG 0626 copy

Making lion sounds. Oh man, he is too cute!


IMG 0646 copy


IMG 0657 copy


IMG 0676 copy


IMG 0701 copy

He' a sweetheart for sure.

IMG 0712 copy


IMG 0723 copy


IMG 0743 copy


IMG 0789 copy

I was the crazy lady running around the front yard making airplane noises and then would stop to snap some of his giggles.

IMG 0818 copy


IMG 0840 copy


IMG 0861 copy


IMG 0863 cop-1

The bubbles were a big hit. Thanks to Timon for blowing a ton of them.

IMG 0907 copy

IMG 0939 copy


IMG 0932 copy

IMG 0963 copy

IMG 1453 copy

We took a walk to the local park where Teis loves, loves, loves the swings.


IMG 1114 copy

IMG 1147 copy

Eeek. Those little piggies flying by made me laugh.

IMG 1193 copy

IMG 1200 copy

IMG 1216 copy

IMG 1223 copy

IMG 1277 cop-1

IMG 1308 copy

He was totally ignoring them and their requests to share. So funny.

IMG 1337 copy

IMG 1381 copy

Happy birthday, Teis!