I am one lucky girl that photographing beautiful families in the fall sunshine and eliciting giggles from twin girlies is my job! Seriously, it’s just about too good to be true.  I first met up with Rob and Tanja and their twins, Ella and Maddy, last summer and was so looking forward to photographing them again. They looked like a magazine family, so fun and whimsical for the girls….two sets of tutus, tights and mary janes…be still my heart!  I was thrilled that the sun gave us gorgeous backlight.  The girls were a tiny bit hesitant with me at the beginning but by the end we were holding hands.  I am certain the promise of cheeseburgers did much to add to the pictures too! 

We wandered around a trail and then I dragged them down to the river, which wasn’t the best idea ever, as the waters had risen and created a lot of mud since the last time I was there (they were super gracious!!).  We then headed off to some pretty color of another park  which was a great backdrop to the warmth of their relationships!  Thank you for a wonderful morning!

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