My daughter comes from a long line of crafters. Knitting. Crocheting. Painting. Pottery. Sewing. I tend towards the instant gratification of spray painting and hot gluing which isn't all that glamorous. And I do remember one not-so-successful afternoon of "bag-painting" candles with my sister, resulting in wild laughter and candles tossed in the garbage.

Ruby has a gluey and pen marked desk with all kinds of treasures at her fingertips which get regularly incorporated into projects. Feathers. Stamps. Gel pens. Spirograph. Beads. Pom-poms. Pipe cleaners. Foam bits. String. Note pads.

For Christmas my mum and dad got her a sewing machine and great delight was obvious as she pumped her little arm in the air. Oma helped her break it in a week or two later with a cute little bag they created for her to tote her Bible to church.

I promised her that we would have weekly lessons but all we have made between then and now is a little bookmark. Every week there was something: the science fair, company, my own projects. She would hopefully pipe up with ideas and I would say, "Sure, yes, that sounds great....later."

I have been reminded lately, that the little things are the big things, and nurturing my little gal and her crafty soul is one of those things that needs to be front and center in my schedule.

So even though I am only really a sewer of curtains, I got out her machine today. We found a great little project on Martha Stewart. Oh, Martha, how we love your good things that are actually easy. We dug out one of her old t-shirts and sewed across the bottom, cut off the sleeves, cute a deeper hole in the neckline and, le voila!....a bag.

IMG 4396 copy


IMG 4402 copy


IMG 4409 copy

She was pleased as punch, especially to have her picture taken with her new bag...and her newly aquired hole in the top of her mouth...both front teeth are out now.

IMG 4417 copy

It was the best thing I did all day.