My friend, Cindy, and her daughter, Ashley came for a visit from Texas. With all the warmth of a Southern mama, Cindy was cuddling and hugging up my kids and within a few hours my boys were rubbing up against those girls like fat, happy cats. Ashley went for part of her visit to see cousins a few hours south but Cindy stayed and hung out with me and my gang. We saw a few sights, took Ruby to tea, did a little shopping. She was a laundry fairy and folded load after load for me when I had to run out for a few hours. She carried my chubby bub on her hip and we chatted at the park while the boys literally rolled themselves in the mud puddles. Oh well, anything to keep them busy so we could keep talking.

On our last day together, we left the little man behind to nap while Daddy was working and hopped down to Tacoma for a little tour. The weather was really funky while they were here but the Texas girls were brave.

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Ashley is heading into her senior year next year so we did a mini session of senior pix. She has two great photog friends who pretty much do weekly photo shoots with her and their group of friends so I am certain her senior year will be well documented....but I am the only one to take pictures in Tacoma!

For those of you who are interested, I do offer one person mini sessions now which is a great idea for a quick sampling of senior pictures or birthday's great to have portraits at any age!

Oh goodness, I've known Ashley since she was a wee little baby and now she's a sixteen-year-old beauty.

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IMG 1786 copyw

When I edit, I like the look to be very clean and fresh. I am not into the overly saturated looks. All that to say, this is her natural eye nice of the wall to match her eyes perfectly.

IMG 1811 copy edited-1

IMG 1841 copy edited-1

IMG 1857 copy edited-1

Loved the reflection of the glass museum against the window that she was standing by.

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IMG 1933 copyw

IMG 2001 copyw

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I always make the moms get in a few pictures too during senior sessions. LOVED this fun little series.

IMG 1973 copyw

At the end, Miss Cindy treated us all to nummy cupcakes. Things got a little sugary, crumby and happy.

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IMG 2094 copy edited-1

Thanks for coming, girls! We loved having you visit. Come back anytime. Cindy, I'll save my laundry to fold since you're so great at it :) .