The mornings have been a blur of everyone getting in swimsuits, grabbing sandals, scarfing down peanut butter toast and flying out the door with towels to make it to swimming lessons. We have just completed our second set of eight lessons this summer and have one more set to go.

This last session is not going to be quite as much fun because our friends are taking a break. It's been a good time to do it together. The kids wave and holler hello to each other in the parking lot as the moms, each of us with a non-swimming younger sibling on our hips, have shuffled the kids in the door and off to the bench.

The kids have wiggled on the bench, waiting for their class to be released to walk (not run!) across the pool deck to their teachers. Then the moms have been able to chat, in between doling out crackers and fruits snacks to the littles. Theo even started growling when the graham crackers made their appearances and was laughingly handed one by my friend, Becca.

We've watched the steady progress of the kids with the day-to-day practice, though there have been a few minor bumps in the road. For example, Jasper pretended to be scared and wouldn't blow bubbles for his new teacher this last time around...until his brother Tymen got goggles for a job well done and for listening. Miraculously, all Jasper's fears were gone the next day and a bubble blowing machine he became!

Becca and Sarah held my squirming Theo so I could pad around and take some pictures of all our kids.

Here's the little sisters on the side of the pool, playing with mom's phone and munching.

IMG 2795 copy edited-1


IMG 3894 copy edited-1

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IMG 3801 copy

IMG 2785 copy


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What I am finding as I look back at pictures of the last years of kid that I especially love the "everyday" photos. Swimming is a big part of our summer and I wanted to make sure I got some good shots of it.

So this last time around: Ruby and Jasper passed their classes but Tymen froze when it came to being tested for bubble blowing. However, the great equalizer of dum-dums were passed out at the end of lessons...and everyone was perfectly happy.

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