We're feeling loved over here. We've had a fun week of decorating cookies (with pounds of sprinkles), making cards (with way too much glue), celebrating with little friends (really sweet ones) and enjoying the season.

No matter how commercialized Valentine's Day is, we will take any excuse to celebrate the ones we love. Ben and I usually have a five dollar budget for each other and it's so fun to have some goodies for the kids. The Valentine's Day surprise will be attached to a long string that the kids need to follow around the house (under tables, around chairs, etc) until they get their goody. This is an idea taken from my friend, Sarah, and how her dad used to hide their Christmas presents.

IMG 7031 copy copy

The bandaids were part of the healing from Jasper's ear infection this week. Psychological, as any parent knows.

IMG 7045 copywat

A little warning to any toddler girl who might consider taking him up on this offer one day, he is a busy guy.

IMG 7049 copywat

Today, I found him running around the house with a wet toilet plunger,being a "he-per" (helper). I will say, that he is a great little smoocher and that he liberally says, "I, You" ( I love you).

IMG 7056 copywat

IMG 7059 copywat

IMG 7039 copywat

One thing I am very HAPPY about, is that I will be heading off with MY valentine this week. Ben has a business trip in Santa Barbara and I get to go to...well, do nothing but read, walk the beach, go shopping, watch Olympics, take a nap. How long has it been since I have done nothing? Years? I am feeling pretty deserving.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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