My friend, Tori, was throwing a baby shower for one of her dearest friends and knew just what she wanted to get her...a gift certificate for a newborn session. She told me that it was the one thing that she regretted not doing when her little guy was a baby. (The good news is that we're going to get lots of "little guy" pictures this fall! :) ) Tori and her mom and the grandma-to-be banded together to give this gift. Karin (the new mommy) said that it was a great idea and one that she may not have thought of doing herself. I love the idea of gift certificates for group gifts for showers. I've also had grandparents give this as a special nice when new parents have a lot they are pulling together already. It was such a pleasure to meet little Inara. I know I said at one point, "Ohhhh, I want her!" but restrained myself from tucking her into my bag :) . Those sweet little baby noises, her soft skin, her silky cap of hair. She was just heavenly and absolutely chilling as we moved and changed her. At one point, she squeaked for a few minutes, and I was secretly delighted to have a chance to cuddle her before we moved on.

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I just love this next one. At ten days she still had that little newborn-almost-belly-button. This image just feels like it could be titled, "New".

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Oh my heavens, this little tutu onesie was amazing. Karin's friends and family got a little crazy giving her tons (and tons) of girlie goodness. She had more homemade blankets than I have ever seen for one little lady...perfect for all the cuddling she's getting.

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Then we did a few outside with Grandma who has been visiting and soaking up the baby time. She said that her cheeks were getting a little sore from smiling by the end of our session. So nice to see grandparents SO in love too!

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Three generations.

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This makes me laugh because she was such a happy little sleeper the whole time.

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Karen and Ian, I am so happy to have had this time with you. It is so clear to me how much you treasure your little girl and she is blessed to have such kind and loving parents.

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Thanks also to the friends and grandma who pulled this together. It's so fun for me to do this session as a gift for wonderful new parents.

For parents-to-be or those interested in gifting a session, I have special rates also for a Maternity/Newborn package and also for a Baby's First Year package. Please see my website under "pricing" for more details :) .