I've been hearing about little Cayden for a while now as his grandma lives next door to us. Theresa has been our neighbor for about five years and is a favorite with our kids as she listens, hugs, and doles out love generously to them. She has run over to the rescue to stay with kids during my emergency runs to the hospital last summer with preterm contractions, and keeps a vigilant eye on our home when we are on vacation. We water each other's plants when the other is on vacation, though I confess, I killed her hanging basket a few years ago, while she deadheads my plants for me :) . What a neighbor!

One thing obvious about Theresa is that she dearly loves her family. With another grandson on the way, she was so excited. I know this little guy is going to get a lot of grandma love.

His parents are absolutely in love with him too. Cayden is such a sweet little lump. Not wanting to brag about him, Shane and Tanya have been pretty low key about how amazing he's been as a newborn....so I will brag a bit for them. This little 12 day old bub was already sleeping six hours through the night when he came to visit a couple of days ago! Wow! He is cozy and snuggly and happy so long as he is burritoed up in his blankets.

I loved getting some newborn baby snuggles. I know Tanya and Shane are so enjoying their little guy and these first days.

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A little smile.

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Tanya and Shane were so comfortable with their little fella. They were easygoing and gave me some tips on his favorite ways to be cuddled and settled down. It's fun to see new parents taking it all in stride and letting themselves really enjoy their little one.

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LOVE the expression on his face here.

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I have to say, for a new daddy, Shane was pretty exceptional. He's right in there and had a special touch with Cayden.

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Tanya has a heart a mile wide and is an amazing mama to her little boy.

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Somebody, get the binky! Love mom's expression here, especially since he just hardly made a peep, but finally at the end, he was a bit pooped out.

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Then off to Grandma Theresa's garden.

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I am so happy for you all!