At their maternity/family SESSION at the end of summer, Felicia was telling me the story of how their first, Elliotte, came so quickly that she was delivered at home by her daddy. Surprise! So during the weeks before their next baby was born, who was nicknamed "Chicken", I was checking up on Felicia's facebook page often and touching base with her now and again to see if the same thing would happen. She must have one very, very high pain threshold because this time she was hemming and hawing about whether she was in active enough labor when her midwife told her to head in to the hospital. Baby Janie was born a scant half hour later. Six hours later they went home and when little Elliotte woke up at home (where friends had come over to stay the night) there was her baby sister! Oh my. This angel is a little mini of her sister. Sweet soft hair and alert little eyes. She was such a cuddle bug too. I jumped on the chance to snuggle her up in between taking pictures. It was fun to get the update on how she was doing and eating. Details. I love newborn details.

Janie was thoughtful enough to get her big sister a present :) ....this stroller that we had Elliotte push her in very slowly. That smile on her face was so cute. She is one proud sister.

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We were laughing because Janie kept sticking out her little tongue at us. Ellie gave it a try too.

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I just adore this one of Felicia nursing Janie. Always during sessions babies need to eat and I love to get a good shot of them downing their bottles, and if mom is comfortable with it, a picture of them nursing.

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Derek is a fun dad. I was chatting with Felicia at one point and turned around to see him sitting Janie in the teddy bears.

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The beautiful light in their home is just stunning.

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She's learning a lot about what it takes to be a great big sister. She was cuddling her baby bird to practice.

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Felicia made these darling tu-tus for some sister her spare time...because she's got lots of that, right ;) ?

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They sure look great and don't look like they are experiencing any lack of sleep.

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So here's the truth about newborn sessions and I sometimes forget to tell parents. It takes a while. Newborns need to be cuddled and fed and changed (sometimes multiple times!). I leave time for that and even the most easy going babies need some time. The second part is that I kind of take the lead from the baby of what they are wanting. After all, they are the stars of the show :). I love to get shots of them with their parents and siblings and also try to get some individual ones of them. If they are super sleepy I can often get lots of them all curled up. Janie turned out to be a real cuddle bug and very alert and preferred to be held. I am so pleased with all the ones that we got with her family for this is really what the first weeks are like...lots of loving. At the end, she let me lay her down and even closed her eyes and took a cat nap. I hear she took a long snooze after I left.

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Hooray for Derek's sentimental mom who saved his baby blanket! This one's for you!

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Felicia made this quilt too. LOVE.

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As I left after a lovely afternoon with them, Felicia said, "Oh, Elliotte, let's give her the gift!" A tray of yummy gourmet cupcakes. Elliotte was hanging on pretty tightly until her mom promised there were more in the kitchen. What a wonderful way to end the afternoon.