I was so looking forward to seeing these (super) cute twins again after we did a fall mini session last year.  On their way in this year, their sweet mom, Julie texted that they were running a few minutes behind because Sophia’s picture sweater which was all laid out, went missing.  She searched high and low, which is NEVER fun right before photos and they finally had to run out the door.  She was awesome at switching gears and when they arrived at the park, I asked Jack if he or his mom had EATEN the sweater….and he licked his lips…and smiled.  Oh man.  I was laughing too and his mom was too.  These beautiful kids are so full of joy and you can tell they are a warm, vibrant family.  We had fun.  I also took a quick headshot of Julie for her business, which I am always happy to do.

Enjoy these beautiful smiles in the evening light!

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