This is my super boy.

2-IMG 0214 copy

He is super at:

  • smiling with his shiny big brown eyes.
  • laughing in a way that makes me laugh too.
  • reading aloud to us. I hear him reading Curious George during book time.
  • loving babies. If you bring a little one to our house he'll ask to hold your baby.
  • creating art. Stickers, tape, paper, glue all disappear at alarming rates.
  • going on dates. He also gives lavish compliments.

Here he is, wearing his cape that Ruby made him for Christmas on the street in front of our house right before we lost the light.

3-IMG 0185 copy


4-IMG 0181 copy


1-IMG 0198 copy

Sometimes I get caught up in grocery shopping, school papers and socks stuffed under beds. Then I catch my breath and get a glimpse of what a gift it is to be entrusted with growing up little souls. He's a good one and I am glad he's mine.