Before I post my last Texas session (of my best friend who has already seen most of her pictures anyways), I am going to post from Hope's senior session....because I know she is excited to see what we got!

Hope is one of those people that has a sunny, warm personality and she attracts people like bees to honey. She is kind, fun, and enthusiastic. I know she has many admirers as my sons are some of them. Hope helps in some of the preschool classes at church and is a great babysitter to several families too. Jasper used to come home from his class, telling me, "I weally yike Hope." (I really like Hope).

We just had the best time for her session. Her mom fired up the mini van and her best friend, Korina-the-stylist, came along. We drove around a bit of Tacoma during our session and got photos by some old churches, a gorgeous park, a nursery, Opera Alley, some graffiti walls, and a fountain. Whew, talk about variety!

All right....drumroll please!

See, I told you, just look at that smile.

IMG 0323 copywat

She is a real love, this one.

IMG 0360 copywat


IMG 0351 copywat

How fun it was to have Korina, who can always crack Hope up.

IMG 0386 copywat

IMG 0410 copywat

Such cute clothes she was wearing. Clothes changes going on at lightning speed.

IMG 0408 copywat

IMG 0443 copywat

Were we ever fortunate to have some gorgeous sunshine on this afternoon.

IMG 0464 copywat

IMG 0493 copywat

Such fun.

IMG 0532 copywat

I am going to show a few best friends pictures too. I so appreciated that genuine love that these friends have for each other. Korina was peeking on my image display as I was shooting, happily telling her friend, "You look so good. Oh, this is my favorite. Oh, I think this one will definitely be my favorite." How wonderful are good friends!

IMG 0372 copywatjpg

This one made me laugh. They were going to lay on the grass for a picture but as they were almost laying down, we decided it was too wet so I had them crabwalk instead.

IMG 0456 copywat

IMG 0484 copywat

It was a fun and easy job for me. Hope, what a bright future you have ahead of you! Enjoy your peek...I have lots more good ones for you.