Being a photographer in the Pacific Northwest, I’m constantly watching weather reports and making calls with my clients on whether to go ahead or to postpone, especially at certain times of year. A year and a half ago, in the fall, I made one of the worst calls ever and ended up with torrential-bucketing-overflowing-the-sidewalk rain.  While we used big overhangs and found some great spaces, it wasn’t the most ideal.  Ryan, Erin and Emma were cheerful and flexible and made it work with me and at the end Ryan picked up Emma and carried her to the car so the water wouldn’t go over her ankles!

Well, this year was the total opposite and I couldn’t be happier with the warm sunshine and light.  Their warmth, affection for each other, and teasing made it pure fun for me.  They are so easy to be with and I was happy to get some images of who they are.  What a pleasure!

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Emma’s idea…a perfect one Smile18-repoznanski2015-265-repoznanski2015-2519-repoznanski2015-24