Meg understands completely the kinds of pregnancies that I have had. Like me, she's had some pre-term contraction stress, made a few runs to the hospital to be checked out, and worked through being on medication to keep the baby in and growing. Thankfully, she's doing wonderfully and little baby boy is growing perfectly like he should be. She's had to take it easy, postpone projects, and let go of a lot. I am really proud of her for taking care of herself and her family and cannot wait to meet this baby boy...but we certainly can wait until full term :).

Sometimes in the stress of a pregnancy that has some challenges, it is a gift to remember all the beautiful parts too. The hope, the dreams, the sweetness of a little family of three that's about to go to a family of four. That was our hope for this session, to photograph the blessing of these days and the anticipation and love that they have for their boy.

While Max was coming in from work, Meg and Kylie met up with me at Legendary Donuts which is one of their favorite places to go to. In fact, Kylie started off her 2-year-old birthday here just a few weeks ago.

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This little girl is her mama's shadow.

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Meg said that they prayed at the beginning of this pregnancy that Kylie would flourish. I think it's obvious that prayer was answered.

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Sometimes, it's the most unlikely pictures that I just LOVE and the following one falls in that category. Maybe it's the wee sandals or the way her mom wraps her arms around her or the fact that it's really three of them, not two.

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Do you think the yellow flowers were a) at a plant nursery garden b) at a local park c) outside Mc Donald's? Ding, ding, (c) is correct! Sometimes it's the most unlikely places that has the most perfect spots.

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Meg's request for pictures was sunshine and grass. I'm all about sunshine and grass and a gorgeous family at sunset.


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I was back in the Legendary Donuts parking lot after Meg dropped me off from the field and I quickly spun through what we got. As soon as I saw this image, tears sprung to my eyes.

There's a lot of love for this baby.

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Meg is so loving with her sweet girl and grateful for the gift of her family.

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Here he is with a smooshy face on his amazing ultrasound.

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Enter Max. He had been working all day, commuted a long, Friday evening drive home, missed dinner, and came striding through to us with a smile on his face. Meg always talks so highly of him and I can see why. I was impressed.

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Pure sweetness and innocence. What a lovely girl this Kylie is!

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This little koala is a gift that Kylie got to help pick out for her brother. I can picture him tucked into this family shot soon.

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Tickles. Giggles.

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Kylie on the blanket with her Bun-buns.

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He'll be here soon and will be well worth the wait.

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