Could there be a better gift for a mum of four than some time away? I think not, especially to such a beautiful place as this. I tagged along with Ben LAST YEAR on his business trip to Santa Barbara. He worked. I lounged. I read. I ate great food. I shopped. I sat on the beach. I vowed to return.

This year for Christmas, my parents gave us money for time away and offered up babysitting to go with it. Seriously. I. Love. Them!!! So we bought my plane ticket for part deux, this time along with the baby. Knowing what was coming I had been counting down the days. I love, love living in the Northwest but we all admittedly get cranky and up our caffeine intake from January to February. I was so looking forward to time with Ben and time to lavish my attention on my baby and time to relax. Oma and Opa held down the fort admirably and we got updates each night of all the fun and games that were going on.

Unbeknownst to us when we planned the dates, but Monday was President's Day so Ben had the day off. What a treat! We were so thrilled to have a whole day to spend together.

We started it off with yummy egg and mushroom sandwiches and mochas and sat on the patio. My heart was glad. Oh, yes, it was.

IMG 6985 copy edited-1

The hotel we were at was right off State Street so we wandered around. I warned Ben that it would be a day of pictures. He was game.

IMG 7049 copy

Then off to the Santa Barbara mission. The roses were getting ready to bloom but we were content to just sit in the sun.

IMG 7064 copy

We found a little side area out of the direct sun.

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Theo went for his first horsie ride. He was a tiny bit concerned and grabbed onto Ben's hair tight. He wasn't going to fall, no sir!

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IMG 7192 copy

There is beautiful warm light along the front of the mission.

IMG 7241 copy

Then off to the botanical gardens. It was gorgeous.

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During the week we were there, we celebrated our ninth anniversary. We are truly old married folks now.

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I have always been a restless sleeper. I am the type that sprawls out, flips and flops, and ends up with bedcovers pulled up and over. I remember when I got married, I was a bit concerned about someone getting in my way. I liked my space. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I did like having Ben there and being able to cuddle up was so comforting. I really liked it when he would roll over and let me wrap my arm around him as I curled up behind him. If he was facing my way, I would give him a poke and say, "All right, Bacon. Roll over." He would smile and good naturedly roll over, commenting that he could never call me "Bacon" and get away with it. True.

What I have noticed in the last year or two, is even if he is dead asleep and I come to bed, he automatically rolls over. He knows I prefer to sleep that way. I like that. The familiarity of married love after these years is pretty sweet.

IMG 7280 copy

That night we walked along to the beach. How I love this little munchy face.

IMG 7305 copy

IMG 7317 copy

He's the one for me.

IMG 7324 copy

IMG 7342 copy

Then at Enterprise Fish Co. we had the most divine experience! Lobster bisque baked with puff pastry. If it would have been offered in a spa treatment, I would have happily hopped in a tub of it. Creamy, salty, wonderful fresh lobster. Hello!

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During the next few days, while Ben was working, I walked around and thoroughly enjoyed the city. Being in such a beautiful place which is very different than the beautiful place I live in, along with having time to enjoy the ride was such a pleasure.

IMG 7490 copywat

My shopping buddy was game for anything that I was up for.

IMG 7511 copy

He even obligingly wore the hat I bought for him. Ben shook his head when I showed it to him.

You can see in the window my ever present cup of iced coffee. Yes, I was a happy girl.

IMG 7503 copywat

IMG 7494 copywat

I love all the beautiful tile work around the city. Even steps frequently have designs.

IMG 7520 copy edited-1

Funky details.

IMG 7613 copy

We met up with friends, Anne and Marc, for lunch and they pointed me in the direction of the courthouse which I had not seen before. It was stunning.


IMG 7595 copy

IMG 7557 copy

IMG 7561 copy

How beautiful all the detail work is!

IMG 7567 copy

There were even magnolia trees coming into bloom.

IMG 7598 copywat

Happy. Relaxed. I loved it and then at the end, found my heart turning to home and being together with all of our littles.

IMG 7617 copy

There was only one lady who had a grin bigger than the one I had plastered all over my face all week. Isn't she cute?

IMG 7499 copy