I spent the morning with Summer and her mom.  Little Summer is darling with an easy smile that is as bright as the sunshine and full of joy.  She even let me pick her up and she gave me a big hug which I absolutely loved!  It is clear that she is very, very loved and she dishes that love right back to the people around her.  She was born teeny-tiny, at under two pounds and was fostered by the wonderful family who now is her forever family.  What a pleasure it was to take some portraits of this precious girl.

We started outside in Tacoma but it was pretty chilly.  Summer worked hard, walking and smiling but when she was trying to grin while she was shivering, we decided to finish off at the local cupcake shop.  She was very keen on eating her cupcake and yelled, “Yummy!” That’s my kind of girl, happy to have some treats.

Thank you, Mary, for the opportunity to spend time with you and your wonderful daughter.

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