Summer was a wee bit late in coming. While the rest of the country was sweltering and hunkered down in their air conditioning with triple digit temps, we were wearing hoodies and drinking hot chocolate. And yes, many of us were complaining, though our friends in other parts of the country warned us that they would gladly switch places for a while.

But then it finally came, and it's been wonderful. I love days of open windows, sunscreened kids, late evening light, watering flower pots on my porch. I love summer.

I took these images one afternoon when we were in Vancouver in my parents' backyard. It was warm and the kids had woken up from naps and it wasn't time to be thinking about dinner quite yet. We sliced up some watermelon, put on the sprinkler, and stripped them all down, including cousin Quinn.

IMG 1948 copyw

IMG 1964 copyw

IMG 1958 copyw

IMG 1954 copywat

I love that even the babies were brave and got right in there.

IMG 1998 copyw

IMG 2000 copyw

LOVE the expression on Jasper's face.

IMG 2016 copyw

He had enough of the cold water...and was off to find things to shove in his mouth.

IMG 2031 copyw

IMG 2030 copyw

Playing the DON'T-BITE-MY-NOSE game. (Rather unhygienic for a doctor, don't you think?)

IMG 2023 copyw

IMG 2046 copyw

IMG 2035 copyw

We're headed into fall. We felt it today, despite temps in the mid-eighties all week. A few leaves are starting to fall. The air is really cooling down at night. Mums are for sale at the grocery store. People are starting to swap pumpkin recipes. We'll keep playing, just with a few more clothes on and a little less icy water :).