Annie Leibovitz said, "When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is that I'd like to know them." This is really what I love about lifestyle portraiture...seeing people interact, tease each other, laugh, exchange looks, enjoy being together. It is the messy and real and wonderful reflections of life. I feel like every time I come home from a session, I rave on and on to my husband about how much I enjoyed the people I have been with and how great they are and on and on. And I mean it. What a blessing it is to have opportunities like this.

My friend, Becca, arranged this session with her husband's family down at the Tacoma Marina. What a great place for a session...I'll be going back there. Industrial, a park, fountains, the glass museum, some cool urban buildings. And this family was wonderful and I loved how they were fun and went with the flow...a critical element when there are five kids ages four and under. we go for a sneak peek...

Here are Nana and Opa with the littles. It wasn't hard to observe how enormously they enjoyed their grandchildren. You will note Lucas, the two year old, is eating goldfish crackers in many pictures. Again...I love is real life with a little guy who will only be still while snacking. And the PINK BOW in baby Riley's hair!

IMG 3373 copywat

This is the family walking after swinging the kids. You will notice the noodle legs on the little boy on the right, who just wants to be swung now.

IMG 3429 copywat

Roman and Addi were happy to hold their baby siblings. Lucas held tight to crackers.

IMG 3448 copywat

We played with some toys, blew bubbles and then I used these giant lollipops as an incentive. THREE DOLLARS WELL SPENT! Oh, how I love these and it is such a lovely way to get little kids to sit very still...large amounts of sugar. After we did this Addison sweetly asked me if I have any more surprises for them :)

IMG 3549 copywat

Eight months old but now about to be left out of the fun.

IMG 3670 copywat

I took each of the couples around this cool building for a few shots. I love the connections of families but I also so love to watch couples interact.

IMG 3723 copywat

IMG 3821 copywat

This are our friends, Justin and Becca, who we have so enjoyed getting to know. Becca was the one I met first. You know what it's like when you meet someone and think they are one way, and then when you get to know them better, it's a little disappointing. Well, this girl is the type who is so warm and generous, and the more I have gotten to know her, the more I have seen how very true my first impressions were.

IMG 3774 copywat

Love, love this one!

IMG 3853 copywat

And the whole group. I love families.

IMG 3294 copywat

Hope you enjoy this peek, W family!

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