I couldn't wait to see these little ladies again. In just a year they changed so much from THIS to bigger girlies. When I arrived, they were hiding under a table to surprise me and I got some great big hugs and shining smiles. What a pleasure it is to see "my" kids growing and get the updates from their mom.

We spent the whole session at their house, playing in their room and then heading out to the yard. These girlies were so fun and giggly and their mom was just wonderful at getting smiles and laughs out of them. They twirl. They love purple and pink. They like to dress up and wear lots of different shoes. They pick flowers and get silly. They are truly sugar and spice and everything nice.

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The princesses read about their favorite princesses.

IMG 0555 copywat

Then Lucy and Olivia showed me their favorite stuffies.

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They are truly the best of friends.

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The girls loved to catch little creatures, feed them a few leaves and release them to the wild.

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How I love the way this beautiful light wraps around Olivia.

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Beaming at their mommy who was bringing them a special treat at the end...lollipops like we had last year.

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This is one of my favorites of the night.

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Love the way Olivia would sit with her legs like a little froggie.

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Their dad came home from a marathon work day and they decided he needed a little sugar to get him going again. He smiled at his bunnies and had a taste.

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Sally and Ed, thanks for having me spend some time with your lovelies again. They are so delightful.