We love this family. They have been such good friends to us and we value them greatly. We cheered when we found out that they were having another baby girl…after all, our boys are going to need some great wives one day!  They are raising some little treasures.  When Kellie and I talked about maternity pictures months ago, this was much what I had in mind….the family having fun together at the beach, late evening sunshine, bright sundresses and lots of love.   We ate dinner together first and then took some pictures while our family mucked around at the beach.  At the end, the girls played in the sand and water too until they closed down the beach.

We know they are so happy to soon meet their new baby girl and there are lots of us who can’t wait to meet her too!

Here’s a preview of their session and I dare you to look at the pictures of those giggling little girls without smiling.


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