Stockings, fancy dresses, shiny patent leather shoes. These girls were ready to roll today for their Christmas pictures. As soon as the older two saw me with my camera, they hugged each other and grinned up at me.

They are beautiful, just breathtaking, these sisters. They all have very different personalities but they all have this common knowledge of just how loved that they are. It is always, always a pleasure to meet up with them.

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Definitely sugar and spice and absolutely everything nice here....Adelai.

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I know some of you might want to put this pumpkin on your wish list but I don't think she's for sale...

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These older girls are non-stop fun. I remember once when Elyanna showed up at our house for a party. She knocked and when I answered and looked down, there she was, screaming and vibrating in excitement.

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I asked her mommy if people stop her everywhere they go to talk about her ringlets...she said yes.

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And Lydia, one of the kindest children I have ever met. What a heart this one has.

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Truly a dolly. Last time I photographed these girls, Ben's aunt (and my aunt-by-marriage....lucky me) Margo said that if she was going to design a doll, she would look just like Adelai.

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Three lovely gifts at Christmas time. I know their parents know how blessed they are.

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