When I first got married, I knew I needed to fill up the fridge after feeding my groom girl scout cookies and a leftover burrito for breakfast. I was wandering through Safeway tossing fruit, tortillas, and yogurt into my basket and all of a sudden I remembered....stuffed shells! I hurried to the pasta aisle and then added ricotta, mozarella, spinach and the other ingredients for the yummy pasta that I had seen my friend, Jan, make several times when she had me over for dinner. It was easy and tasty and she had told me how to make it.  I was so glad that I could pull something out of my hat to delay Ben realizing that I only knew how to cook a half dozen things for dinner. Thank you, Jan, for getting my marriage off to a good start! Jan and her beautiful family are friends in Texas and I have so enjoyed hearing updates about their family and seeing the kids grow. Yay for the internet and Facebook! Jan is one of the funniest girls I know and if you don't laugh when you are with her, you probably don't have a funnybone. In fact, when I was in Texas, a group of ladies got together for dinner and we howled as Jan described how she used to swing her cat around by its tail and dipped her sister's toothbrush in the toilet when she was less than pleased with her. You'd never suspect....

I loved spending time with their family for their mini session. Baby Matthew is now a big and awesome guy. The girls are young ladies. Hannah is a photographer too and we even got to shoot together on our last night there.

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Love the "gotcha" expression he's got down. He and Heather do a LOT of modeling for Hannah.

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Love that giggle.

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Gorgeous sisters. Oh, I feel so proud of how they have grown up after being in my Sunday school classes long ago.

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And helllo! Cute boots!

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IMG 0951 copyw

You can tell just by looking at her that she has a soft and wonderful heart.

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The look on Matthew's face makes me laugh. Ah, yes, the life of a younger brother getting told what to do!

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Jan and Butch.

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Jan is another friend of mine that has a tremendous gift of encouragement. If there is something good to point out, she will let you know about it. She loves people and makes each one around her feel very special. I appreciate how she communicates blessing to me and my family. I love you, friend.

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Of course, Jan pointed out that it truly couldn't be a session with me without a photo of their feet, right?

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