I thought it was time for a little tummy update. I am happy to say, that I am 35 weeks and six days and this little guy is staying put. Two and a half weeks ago I was pretty concerned and even though I knew he was past issues of neurological problems and such by that point, there were still the concerns of breathing and eating and weight gain. It felt somewhat overwhelming to think of almost four weeks of bedrest...so I thought of one day at a time. I love that scripture about the Lord's mercies being new every morning because I have certainly felt it. A friend running by with a meal or a coffee and stopping to talk for a few minutes. Other friends kindly bringing Ruby back and forth to school. Phone calls. Emails. My boys completely worn out by playdates each morning with their pals and super moms who have put their wings over these little guys and made them feel very loved. A husband who is loving our  family and keeping things going.

There have definitely been some stressful days and nights. We all got the flu this last weekend. Whew...not fun but it was thankfully the 24 hour variety. Nights in particular are when my body cranks up with contractions, even with the medication and I have been watching the clock for hours to see if it winds down. Eight minutes. Three minutes. Five minutes. Then I have been so wired that it's been hard to get back to sleep. Perspective fades quickly on three or four hours of sleep a night. Thankfully, the last two nights I have had about seven hours which feels much better.

And I am almost there! A week tomorrow and I am in the safe, "full term" zone of 37 weeks. At that point I can have this little fellow at home, since besides pre term contractions I am healthy in every other way. I am so glad that the end is in sight! We are going to play it by ear and if my body is just ready to go at that point we will have the baby then. However, my girlfriend is flying in that Sunday night and one of my midwives will be returning from a trip then too so if I can possibly camp out a few more days, I will try to do that. We'll see. One day at a time.

Yesterday, I crept downstairs and sat on the front porch in the sunshine with my bowl of ice cream, watching my girl draw with chalk on the sidewalk.

Here's what I look like:

IMG 4476 copywat

I am glad to see I am still smiling. Jasper asked me yesterday when I was going to get out of bed and get the baby out of me. They have been incredibly flexible and great but I know it will be good to get back to normal for them too.

Then I had Ben take a couple more for me. I had all these ideas of tummy pictures that we haven't gotten to do but I have a few goodies.

IMG 4481 copywat

And one more. Ruby has loved, LOVED feeling this baby gyrate around and has come around to cuddle herself right around my tummy so she can feel him.

IMG 4545 copywat

I am feeling so thankful today. I just got off of Facebook, chatting with a friend from college who had a little baby boy just over a week ago. 10 years of heartache, prayers and longing preceded the arrival of their miracle....and how precious and perfect he is! I am so, so happy for them. Any effort in getting these miracles here feels entirely worth it. And I am getting ready to meet ours very, very soon!

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