We started off the new year with a walk to the beach.  We’ve discovered that life with four children..and especially the three boys part of the equation goes much better when we get everyone out and active.  We’ve worn grooves in the sidewalk in front of our house from all the bike riding and scooting and the kids love to hit a park, especially when Ben brings along a kite or rockets. Everyone loves a trip to the beach too.  We went to Redondo as the boardwalk would keep them contained a bit better.  We knew that without a railing, within a few minutes someone would be jumping in the waves, January 1 or not. 01-beach walk (5 of 41)02-beach walk (6 of 41)03-beach walk (8 of 41)04-beach walk (4 of 41)05-beach walk (13 of 41)06-beach walk (16 of 41)07-beach walk (17 of 41)08-beach walk (18 of 41)09-beach walk (21 of 41)10-beach walk (22 of 41)11-beach walk (24 of 41)12-beach walk (27 of 41)13-beach walk (28 of 41)14-beach walk (34 of 41)15-beach walk (35 of 41)16-beach walk (36 of 41)17-beach walk (38 of 41)18-beach walk (40 of 41)