When we started attending our church, we didn’t know a single person there.  It’s a big place and we felt like small fish in a big pond so we quickly started to going to things and meeting people.  One of the ways that I found was helpful to be able to identify the staff members was to see their pictures on the church website.  Names with faces were a big help for us.  Fast forward six years and we dearly love our church family and now know many of the people on our church staff.

I was so happy when I was asked to help update those headshots of the staff for the website and other media.  In talking with the graphics and communications folks, we tried to stay away from stiff and cookie cutter and went for fresh and bright.  We had everyone wear what they felt comfortable in and I personally love the color and textures WAY more than everyone wearing a black or white shirt.  We did different crops and angles.  Though a few confessed to not being “camera people”, I think that they all look friendly and wonderful (as they are!).

I am so very grateful to be a part of this church.  Here’s a sample of about a third of the staff, plus a shot of our senior pastors, who are dearly, dearly loved by us and the whole congregation.

nwcstaff gallery2nwcstaff12--121