You know how there are people that you feel immediately drawn to?  That’s Felicia.  I met her at my niece’s birthday party almost four years ago and she hired me that summer to take their family portraits. Through the years, I’ve loved every opportunity to photograph them as she so gets me and the way that I photograph and is so natural in her love for her family.  Even more,  I’ve enjoyed getting to know her as a friend  She has a very, very beautiful heart and is clearly a lovely person too.  I so appreciate her warmth, encouragement, and generosity. I think it was a little over a year ago that she tackled photography herself.  She’s always had an eye for beauty but within about six months mastered her camera, composition, connecting with subjects and editing…whew!  She takes images that capture the essence and are so engaging.  I know she’d smile and shake her head that she has a long ways to go…..but she’s also exceedingly humble.

Before our last trip up to Vancouver, I wanted to get some updated shots of our whole family to blow up for my parents for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  I suggested a swap…really fair, right??  She got to wrangle twelve crazy people and I got to spend time with just the four of them in the sunshine.  Of course, she was gracious and went way over my request of a few shots of all of us with our eyes open.

For my time with her family, we got some fun family shots together, but I also really wanted to focus on her relationships with her girls, since she is the one observing them from behind the camera most of the time.  They are lovely, wonderful girlies who are very different but both respond so warmly to her.  The day after this we got together and she treated me to a wonderful lunch at a dumpling house (yum!!) and to a few hours of conversation about motherhood, marriage, balance, fulfillment.  It was so good to be honest and talk and be heard and understood.

We had a lovely night for photos, full of light and warmth and joy. I hope you enjoy these images of Felicia and her family before she donned her gum boots and chased after our family.  Thank you, my friend!  Let’s do it again!