We had a good spring break and it really did feel like a break. We slept in every day, played, created, went to parks and on bikerides, did a few chores each day, and had time to craft. We mucked at the marina with some friends and got excited about lots of summer beach trips. Everyone had some down time to read and have quiet to themselves too. Ben and I are doing this amazing class at church and one of the requirements is that we have a two hour media limit each week. We've extended this guideline to our whole family and this little push felt good to me to have the kids doing what feels so simple and wholesome:playing and being creative. It's a big goal of mine not to over stimulate them and have them be little consumers. I want them to participate happily in family jobs, helping, and to enjoy simple things. Though there are sibling squabbles at times and a grumpy mummy at others :), it felt good to have a week like this, enjoying each other. The camaraderie that is developing between them is really satisfying too. When Theo says something very two-year-oldish and everyone bursts out laughing, it warms my heart. I love my crazies. 01-IMG 2589 copy

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 Jasper got a late "birthday-breakfast-in-bed" as it was daylight savings the day of his birthday and the poor boy got tossed some cheerios when his mummy changed every clock in the house...except her alarm clock.  He LOVED his smoothie and chocolate croissant.

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