This was year number three of "Jasper and Tymen in the Bath". You can see last year's post HERE. With Theo being a wee little baby, he'll have to wait to next year to make it into the bath with his sense in endangering a little person just for a photo shoot :) .

Jasper and Tymen splished. They splashed. They shared toys. They grabbed toys. They dumped water over each other's heads. There was laughing. There was crying. It was a pretty typical morning.

IMG 4234 copywat

IMG 4166 copywat

Santa beard.

IMG 4172 copywat


IMG 4182 copywat

IMG 4169 copywat

IMG 4177 copywat

IMG 4205 copywat

IMG 4206 copywat

IMG 4237 copywat

IMG 4239 copywat

IMG 4257 copywat

IMG 4266 copywat

The low point. When I was uploading this picture, Jasper grinned and said, "I was a real fusspot."

IMG 4275 copywat

IMG 4277 copywat

I love these slippery, soapy, raisin-fingered boys of mine. I am blowing up a couple of these BIG to go over my tub.

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