Not so long ago, I shared some images of Special K who was in Susan's tummy at the time. I was delighted to go visit my friends and capture some images of this sweet baby who is indeed special and has the name Kolton.

IMG 7774 copywat

He is such a little nugget of a boy, making all the squeaks and sighs that a newborn should and sleeping cozily. There is no other time like those first newborn weeks...the new baby wrinkles, the way they snuggle up and cross their feet and legs across their tummies, those sleepy eyes. What a blessing a new baby is and it is such a wonderful thing to see a new little person so very, very loved.

Here is Kole with his family, who really knows that he is special. Umm, isn't Kameron just a YUMMY big brother?

IMG 7813 copywat

Now for some closeups of this little sweetheart.

I just never can resist those tiny feet. He even flexed his toes for us at just the right time.

IMG 7627 copywat

Hand knit blankets. I love the textures in them.

IMG 7837 copywat

Doesn't he look like such a sweet little elf?

IMG 7622 copywat

Of course, the pod, which no newborn that I photograph will be able to avoid. I love how they cozy right in...

IMG 7707 copywat

This snuggle bug cozied right into his fall basket while we took him on the porch for a few shots.

IMG 7670 copywat

The concentration on his brow as he dreams sweet dreams. Keith and Susan, you make beautiful boys.

IMG 7674 copywat

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