There is no doubt that "Special K" (a nickname from Grandpa) is in Susan's tummy. That little guy is growing and getting ready to meet mom, dad, and big brother, Kameron in just a few weeks. Kameron did seem confused at times as to whose tummy this brother was in...he checked out dad, lifted his own shirt and peered down, and finally gave mom's belly his attention.

IMG 1776 copy

Here are a few favorites from this session.

I think that Susan could be the poster girl for pregnant moms here. She makes it look so easy and glamorous.

IMG 1787 copy


IMG 1739 copy

This is a prop that I love to use....a Valentine's day coaster from Target. Then...when Special K arrives, we'll use it in his newborn pictures.

IMG 1734 copy

It's hard to imagine that this little boy will be the big boy soon. I remember when I had #2, that suddenly #1 looked enormous. Did her hands grow overnight? Was she really that heavy?

IMG 1751 copy

IMG 1765 copy

Love that dimpled hand.

IMG 1772 copy

IMG 1823 copy

With a little boy this cute, don't you think they should have at least a dozen more?

IMG 1829 copy

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