We're working on mealtime manners at our house. "Please and thank-you". "May I please be excused from the table?" We pretty much expect that our kids eat everything that they are given and though some things definitely go down the hatch better than others, they all munch down their salads and veggies happily. Jasper has taken to lavishing me with compliments. "Mom, this aoli is just wonderful!" It's my goal to send out these boys to their wives one day like my mother-in-law prepared Ben....to love food and to enjoy all the different things that hit the table. I have told Sylvia several times that I appreciate the way that she fed her family because it affects how I feed mine since Ben is a great example to my kids of enjoying food.

The current amusement at the table is this guy.

IMG 2446 copy edited-1

His manners are not quite where we hope to have them in a few years. He yells angrily for food if we're not quick enough and though Ben has tried to teach him to sign for "more" and "please", there's only so much he'll do before he's wailing for more. Food goes flying as he launches in. I wipe up under his chair about four times a day, sometimes the cupboards and walls too.

He eats a load too. One breakfast he ate us all under the table with five big pancakes (I had two). A couple weeks ago, he got in his chair while I was cooking for friends, starting munching and didn't get down from his chair for two hours.

These pictures were from spaghetti night when I had to grab the camera when I saw what a grand time he was having.

IMG 2472 copy edited-1

IMG 2522 copy edited-1

IMG 2484 copy edited-1

IMG 2523 copy edited-1


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Then he spied fruit for dessert and was a little put out that we were holding out on him. Ah, Theo. You are the best mealtime entertainment.

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