I really love having seasons: the brightness and color of spring, the slow play of a warm summer, the brisk activities of the fall, and the comforting days of winter. I like green. I like rain. I like hunkering down at home. However, just about this time every year I start to get itchy for the sunshine and no amount of caffeine can make up the difference (believe me, I've tried.) That's why for the last couple of years, I've followed Ben down at this time for his quarterly work trip to Santa Barbara. My parents get to sit the crazies...and sadly, this time they apparently needed to be sat upon. Ben works. And I get to have hours and hours and hours to be completely absolved of all responsibility. We stay at the Canary Hotel which is right off State Street and I get to sleep in, wander through the shops, and get a manicure. I sat in the rooftop pool area with my book under the lemon tree, with my own glass of water and citrus and wished every lady I knew had a chance to do the same kind of relaxing. Oh, it was lovely. I walked with my camera and sat at a local Danish bakery for pastry and mochas while I read, and ate lots of wonderful seafood with Ben every night.

The only things I don't like about the area is the pot that is smoked all down the street, especially at night, and being asked for money by the homeless every block or so. However, one lovely homeless man absolutely made my day. On our anniversary, we were walking around after breakfast and he caught my eye and grinned at me. "Keep smiling, young lady!!!!" Then he looked reproachfully at Ben and said, "SIR! You should be smiling too! She makes even you look beautiful." Oh heavens, I laughed and laughed.

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For our ten year anniversary we had the treat of spending the whole day together. We had the BEST breakfast at Anderson's, a Danish bakery and restaurant. Viking mimosas (doesn't Ben look like a Viking drinking his?), Eggs Florentine with spinach, Danish ham and hollandaise on puff pastry, a chocolate tart and mochas. Talk about a celebration!

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We wandered around the courthouse, shopped through Anthropologie, and sat in the sun. We then got fancied up a wee bit and drove down to Thousand Oaks, where Joy of Wildflowers Photography, did a special anniversary photo shoot for us. She was every bit as lovely as I had anticipated after reading her blog and admiring her outstanding and very unique work for years. It was such a treat to celebrate that way and I am so excited to see what she came up with. She always does a bit of a theme in her shoots and when I told her that our scripture for our wedding was "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" she came up with a fun idea of a bit of a treasure hunt with maps and a big x made of ranuculas in a field. So fun, though I did tell her she had to tell us if we were looking dorky. She laughed and chatted and made being on the other side of the lens completely fun.

We were flying back last night to Seattle when Ben looked at me, grinned and said, "Ten years. Check." This certainly was a fun way to mark off a decade. Thanks for ALL the well wishes and love we've received this week!

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