First of all, I was surprised to see just how easy it is to post with larger pictures. Sigh, I am sure not the technical one in the family. But happy am I to have.....ta-da...larger pictures!

Secondly, I have been waiting a few days to post these goodies of some of my favorite girls. Tammy and her girls met me at the Des Moines Marina, one of my favorite places, and we had such a fun time. I love these gals, and after taking pictures lately of little boys who would rather be playing, I was surprised by how easy it was to park these little sunshines in different places and see their automatic sweet smiles.

IMG 9855 copybw

I first was befriended by Tammy when I was a brand new mom. I was so in love with my baby girl but I was nervous about doing everything right and wondering just what to do about certain mothering issues. Then came Tammy into my life, the kind of friend who greets you with a hug and a smile every time you meet, and makes you feel like you are an amazing person just for breathing. She encouraged, gave sage wisdom (I specifically remember her hints on how to take off a onesie after a blowout with minimal mess), and taught me how to blow a lot off and enjoy the sweet moments.

IMG 9868 copybw

I think that Tammy is the kind of person who dishes out love to her girls like the generous way she shares her homemade desserts and I love that. And her girls reflect that.

IMG 9896 copy

I love how these beauties all look different but they have those blue eyes that all are shiny.

IMG 9922 copy

Emma by the cool doorway we found.

IMG 9902 copy

Maggie was texting her little teenage heart away, but stopped diligently, to flash me a grin.

IMG 9965 copy

Then there was little Halle, not so little anymore, who is just a movie star.IMG 0021 copy

We had such a good time and had a lot of laughs. I really love this is so them!

IMG 9996 copybw

Good job, mama. Thanks for being a great example to me of being a mom who enjoys the little things and takes great pleasure in her nest.

IMG 9890 copybw