There’s a whole lot that I love about photography but one of my very, very favorite things is the opportunity to document families as they grow and change.  When I first started my business five years ago, photographing newborn Ellie was one of my first opportunities.  Since then I’ve photographed their family a whole lot of times, more than I can count right now.  They’ve added Charlie and I love to hear about what the kids are doing and learning when we get together.  One thing that’s always been consistent through the years is the connection that they have and the value that I see in their family every time we are together. Moni and Sharleen are always laid back and happy to play around with the kids to get the images that feel like “them”.

On this night, Charlie started out by looking at me like I’d lost my mind and by the end he was dancing a jig.  Ha!  Ellie had just woken from a car nap (not the easiest thing to bounce back from!) but soon was flashing me her happy smile.  At the end, she presented me with a big tupperware full of banana chocolate chip muffins that she and her mom had baked, and my heart was full.

Thank you again for this opportunity to spend time documenting your beautiful family!