When Ruby was born, my Auntie Tina sent us a card with a phrase that I will never forget, "Welcome to the fold." I loved that. I loved the realization that my child was being welcomed into more than just our little family of three, but that the whole family was ready to move around her and welcome in our new little lamb.

Grandparent love is a huge part of that. We are blessed to live near my parents....just three hours away and that trip has been made with great frequency. I will be sharing some images of them with our kids in just a bit.

This week, visiting here in Washington, and a few weeks ago in California, we have had some sweet times soaking up the love of Nana and Papa, Ben's parents. The kids are having a ball and every time they get up, the boys shriek, "Nana!!!! Papa!!!!" There is nothing like a little person so, so, so glad to see you.

Papa very frequently has an instrument in his arms and I love how he sings for the kids and lets their eager fingers try things out.

IMG 7127 copy

Of course, Jasper gets to play, "Twinkle, Twinkle."

IMG 7136 copy'

Nana shows Tymen the flowers and provides plenty of love which makes my little walker take off like a shot after her.

IMG 7151 copy

At the beach the other night, not a lot of words were exchanged her but some deep camaraderie was had as Jasper and Papa, shoveled and raked.

IMG 7326 copy

My little "Velcro Monkey" cuddles in close.

IMG 7351 copy

And here are a few favorites from our time in California.

Looking out at the water.

IMG 5227 copy

Taking a dip.

IMG 5062 copy

Tymen falling asleep on his Papa's head.

IMG 5295 copy

On the wharf.

IMG 5298 copy

We love you. Thank you for sharing this time and your hearts with us. We are glad to be a part of your fold.

IMG 7227 copy