It is pretty obvious in a session when a family has some pretty strong connections and I knew the K family was one of those groups from the first few minutes they were all together. Two brothers and their families, who even eat dinners at alternating homes more often than not, and have lots of family memories and jokes together. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and appreciated their great attitudes and willingness to try out a bunch of ideas. With all the walking, kneeling, laying down, and jumping, I gave them quite a workout. And only I stepped in a questionable substance in my bare feet....ah, well....that's why they pay me the big bucks!

For all of you wondering what to wear at your session, take a look at them. They don't look cookie cutter the same but unified with their varieties of styles of solid colored tops and jeans. It helps to highlight them.

IMG 4106 copy

Way to go, Tyler!

IMG 4292 copy

Here is a sort of Rockettes/ Monkey Walk look according to height. Poor Bernadine was bumped down the line past all the kids that had grown taller than her. The guess is that in five years, she might be at the end of the line.

IMG 4134 copy

Love how much air Kyle is getting...great style.

IMG 4139 copy

Those legs are growing taller and taller.

IMG 4169 copy

This mama always wanted a house full of boys...and that she has!

IMG 4217 copy

Love those smiles.

IMG 4158 copy

We did a mock tug-of-war and surprisingly, the K family won!

IMG 4186 copy

Dad's boys.

IMG 4228 copy

Thanks to all of you for the opportunity to take these pictures. Hope you enjoyed your sneak peek. Enjoy your camping trip!

Tonight we are off too, for a car ride to California to visit family and friends for a week. Time for Mumma to do some packing!