When I was first pregnant and dreaming up names, Ben shot down my suggestions as quickly as I could come up with them. He figured it was his role to identify any flaws and potential nicknames that kids could twist the name into. I had never really had any problems with bad words rhyming with "Cassandra". But apparently, being labeled, "Ben, Ben the Big Fat Hen" was haunting to him. My sister Kelly too endured years of "Smelly Kelly with Jelly in her Belly!" Well, her little belly is certainly growing with a baby girl but it seems that Jasper has found the perfect name. Today he told us she would be "Baby Auntie Kelly". Problem solved.

Now quite sure when we'd have time to get together (since we live three hours apart) until this little honey is born, we decided to jump on the opportunity this weekend to take some tummy pictures.

We started at a cool graffiti tunnel at the bottom of the hill we live on. We found the perfect little heart with the perfect little word...love. However, right above this heart was some rather inappropriate scrawling that I used some heavy editing to omit. I am sure you appreciate it.

IMG 0116 copywat

Oh yeah, this little girl is loved already....a lot.

IMG 0105 copywat

IMG 0136 copywat

We ran off down the road to do a bit of an urban maternity shoot....so fun. Dano and Kelly are so perfect together. I have to say, it was a good thing that we didn't bring Ben along because when the two boys get talking they are like conversation starved teenagers....we can't get them to stop.

IMG 0167 copywat

A  little belly, I know, but she's growing right on target. That stinky sister of mine will be able to fit into her pre-prego jeans the day after she gives birth.

IMG 0180 copywat

LOVE that Dano loves my sister the way that he does. He truly is such a good fit for her.

IMG 0185 copywat

IMG 0225 copywat

Quick, to run down the street and see if we could get some shots in front of that fast moving train.

IMG 0232 copywat

IMG 0251 copywat

IMG 0238 copywat

IMG 0268 copywat

And a few more at home.

Kelly is a true bath girl...most every day. It's fun at the end to see that gyrating mound of belly move around during the bath as baby girl tap, tap, taps around.

IMG 0303 copywat

IMG 0530 copywat

IMG 0560 copywat

Little Farley is going to be a bit displaced with the new baby, I think. Maybe he'll want to take a little visit to our house for my kids to give him extra attention then. That would take a desperate doggy for sure.

IMG 0561 copywat

So funny. Dano had no idea his role as a father would include that.

IMG 0582 copywat

IMG 0573 copywat

I LOVE the look on Ruby's face when she got to feel that little girl cousin kicking her for the first time. Auntie Kelly even bought Ruby and Baby Girl matching dresses.

IMG 0597 copywat

I love you, Kel. You aren't smelly. I'm glad that you have my niece in your belly, instead of jelly.