We've been hunkered down at our house. Though we do get a wee bit cabin feverish at this time of year, and I have been dreaming of going barefoot with my tribe at the beach, the present reality is that we are still cozied in at our house. Ruby and I have been cuddling and reading funny books by Mo Willems and laughing our heads off at names like Reginald von Hoobie Doobie. We've been sewing with her new machine and she's been dreaming up ideas to sew pajamas while I am trying to teach her to sew in a straight line. She's been breaking Wii records with Daddy at night and giving me blow by blow of her strategies.

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The older boys have been wearing their rubber boots and I've been tossing them out in the back yard every chance I get. We've been doing school time and they have loved their individual times with mummy at the island, especially when learning includes snacks. They are riding their bikes, making each other crazy, and wanting to bake with me so they can dig into the dough.

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And then there is this little dude. The Chubster. I am just devouring this sweet baby boy and loving the time I have to do it. We've been rocking and smiling at each other, holding great little "goo" conversations with each other. Sometimes I wonder, as I bury countless kisses in his chubby neck, just how many thousands of kisses he gets each day. His looks and smells, even that sweaty-baby-needing-a-bath smell, perfect. Just perfect. I crave him.

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Yep, I am looking forward to long, sunny days of sandboxes and wading pools and slapped together cheese and cracker sandwiches washed down by popsicles in the backyard. But right now, there's something sweet about having my little ones in my cozy nest.

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