The other night our good friends invited us over for some summertime heaven. The kids did a super quick change into their swimsuits (far faster than changing in the mornings) and were ready to rock and roll.

I was soaked from kneeling at the end of the Slip and Slide, but the view was amazing! Just love that tongue hanging out.

IMG 5925 copy

This was Ruby's first time on one and she could not quite get the hang of running and sliding, so Ben just tossed her down.

IMG 5876 copy

Even my baby was giving it a shot and giggling and giggling.

IMG 5920 copy

Love that two-year-old belly. Why is it so cute when a big, chubby belly on me isn't nearly as nice?

IMG 5947 copy

Now Malakai certainly has a belly too but isn't quite big enough to slip and slide so his dad gave him a bit of a workout.

IMG 5939 copy

Isn't hearing a baby laugh just the best sound?

IMG 5943 copy

Then it was time for a little grub...some heavenly salmon, melon, cornbread for the bigger people and some mashed up turkey dinner for the little guy.

IMG 5970 copy

However, his big brother took pity on him and fed him some s'mores which was gratefully received.

IMG 5978 copy

Here is the master, carefully evaluating states of roastiness.

IMG 5993 copy

And a sweet Kiana dives in enthusiastically.

IMG 5996 copy

And then there was Sahale, the perfect dog, who abides my boys' "love" immeasurably. Now I am not dog whisperer...but I got this shot but holding my own s'more over my head.

IMG 6000 copy

What are your favorite things to do in the summer?