It's amazing to us that we had a couple years before Ruby of sleeping in on the weekends, spontaneously going to the movies, running out to the beach at night with a big blanket, tub of ice cream and spoons. We had a great time but I am certain we didn't appreciate it like we do now when we have time together. Sometimes on the treadmill of papers to sign, stories to read, food to wipe off the floor, Ben and I find it's been days since we've looked at each other and had a conversation that is not kid and house related.

Enter date nights. It's just mandatory that we get out and eat and talk and walk around and remember why we like each other so much :). We have a couple super wonderful babysitters that our kids absolutely love and we also have some friends that we swap babysitting night with. These friends are so easy going and fun and my kids shout happily as we pull into their driveway. Recently we had our second set of overnight sleepovers and we have decided to shoot for doing it quarterly. It's so amazing to drop off the kids at dinner time with bags that we hope have all the necessary stuff and go on our merry way. A night on the town, sometimes a stay at a hotel, sleep (glorious sleep), a nice breakfast out and then picking up the crazies. Heaven.

We love this family. They closely mirror ours in the chaos and demographics. Ruby and Kiana are both the oldest and actually are in the same class at school. Then we each have three boys following, ending with Leo and Theo, who have to be the best of buds with names like that! Honestly, as much fun as it is to go on the date night, it sure is a whole lot of fun to have all the crazy happiness of the friends playing together.

The girls in their matching pajamas.

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We tell the kids seven o'clock is the magic number and I heard a few voices at 6:50. It was Korban reading to the boys.

(If you wonder where we had everyone sleep, it includes floors, closets, playpens, cribs and regular beds.)

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Then the little boys woke up and they happen to have matching p.j.'s too. Two sets of bookends.

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That little Leo tackled Theo at one point which is no small feat as Theo easily has about ten pounds on him. Theo was shocked as no one tackles the baby.

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Malakai was a bit disheveled by the morning.

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Then I hopped in the shower and came out to a cold coffee which my baby left for me there while he started on omelets in the kitchen. He's pretty awesome, I know.

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Even going to bed at 8:30 and waking up at 7:30 this sweet boy still looked like a lump.

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A sunny kitchen filled with happy eating kids made me happy.

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Then Kiana read book after book to the boys. I have to say, she's the kid you want to invite over to your house. After breakfast I went upstairs to survey the carnage and she had cleaned up every toy and was busy making beds and sleeping bags....hello!!

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It was a good thing we were safe with a pajama clad Darth with his sword and medical supplies.

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These are happy days and a win-win to get out and enjoy nights away as well as have fun, memory making times with these buddies.