We were going to go sledding on New Year's day but then Ruby got a little bug so we laid low. Last weekend was taken up with feverish painting at our house. By this weekend we were in dire need of a family outing and sledding at Hyak Park sledding hill sounded like a great idea.

This morning we fed everyone a big breakfast and then began the flurry to get ready. Potty breaks for the older two. Diaper check for the youngest...especially before the snow pants went on. A parking pass and directions printed. A big bag filled with mittens, hats, and jackets. Double socks. Extra pants. Snacks. "Tymen, don't take that out of the bag!!!" "Kay." He does it anyway. Books for the car. Rainboots off the boys that they put on themselves. Snow boots on instead. Buckle everyone in. Stop by an espresso stand for coffee for B and C.

Finally we were on the road, listening to a little Veggie Tales. I was in a happy mood in the front seat when I looked back to see Ruby drawing pictures of sledding families and the boys playing with little animals.

It was about eight exits from our destination that I looked out the window and saw this.

IMG 5504 copywat

Yes, exactly..... very, very little snow. It hadn't once occurred to me to check that there would actually be snow to sled upon. Every time we have headed up the forty-five minutes to the mountains the last few years at this time, there's been plenty. I glanced at the temperature....52 degrees. Ummmmm, this was not looking good. I wondered what we could do as a Plan B when we had worked the kids way up about sledding.

Fortunately, about three miles before we got there, we saw melting bits of snow on the ground. It turned out to be just fine up there, enough melting snow to ride upon and warm enough for the kids to be very comfortable in the eight layers of mismatched clothes I had them in.

Here is Ruby, ready to rock and roll down the hill.

IMG 5521 copywat

IMG 5539 copywat

The boys had warm noggins in the Vancouver Olympic hats that Oma and Opa picked up for them.

IMG 5533 copywat

Down they went too.

IMG 5708 copywat

It was soon apparent that none of us could keep our mouths closed as we slid down the hill.

IMG 5637 copywat

The little guys were having trouble getting their puffy little selves back up the hill.

IMG 5558 copywat

We finally convinced them to just sit or lay in the sled and let us pull them up. This is a service only offered for a very limited time in one's life and should be taken advantage of.

IMG 5601 copywat

This little guy was fearless and laughing wildly on his way down. When he got to the bottom, he would shout, "'Gain! (Again!)"

IMG 5652 copywat

This kid is a party animal.

IMG 5647 copywat

Jasper kept trying to throw snowballs. The rule was that that snowballs had to be thrown at belly buttons and under. No ice balls to the head, please.

IMG 5666 copywat

I love the look of trepidation as Jasper Meets the Mountain!

IMG 5674 copywat

He conquers it, by jiminy!

IMG 5682 copywat

It was a happy day...made even more happy when Mummy bought "Happy Meals" on the way home, something that happens maybe once or twice a year. Tymen's eyes were drooping as he munched his french fries and the boys slept like rocks during naptime. Sledding in the sun will do that to you.