We went up to the snow a few weeks back. Hot chocolate mugs in their cup holders and snowpants already on, the boys were ready to rock and could hardly wait as we drove up. They love to romp around in the snow. Ruby was with Oma and Opa for a few days so she wasn't with us on this particular trip. I'm always trying to find the balance between photographing and participating and hopefully doing both. However, with sledding it's a little tricky so I had my fancy camera out for a few minutes and then I popped it back in the van so I could holler and scream as I slid down the hills with my boys. Here's a few of the images I got:

01-IMG 0417 copy


02-IMG 0451 copy

Go! That Theo has some dead weight and went flying!

03-IMG 0457 copy

04-IMG 0426 copy

05-IMG 0459 copy

07-IMG 0408 copy

1-IMG 0472 copy

08-IMG 0428 copy

09-IMG 0433 copy

11-IMG 0484 copy