Here's our September family shot for our "Six Times Twelve" project! We are three quarters of the way through the year and I love having a family picture each month. This month I was going to set the timer and dive in but then we ran into our friends: Kris, Jessie, Noah and Ellie who were also "Doing the Puyallup" fair and I shoved my camera into her able hands.

Thanks, Jessie!!

IMG 7483 copy edited-1

Off we went for some fun at the fair with some hysterically happy kids. Ruby just wanted some "fake hair that every single girl at my school got at the fair! I am just tortured by it, Mom!!" We didn't find the hair, insert sad face, but we did have a great time.

IMG 7473 copy edited-1

My bookends at the fairgrounds.

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If you've ever been, you know that Fisher scones are where it's at. Here are the kids jumping for joy! (I needed to keep them busy in line). We also danced a little while we waited. (I have no shame).

IMG 7509 copy edited-1

Man, we were on those scones like a pack of piranhas!

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It was fun to wander around and look at woodcarvings and crafts, see some animals, and check out the crowds.

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Ben and Ruby went on the ferris wheel while the boys rested their dogs and ate bananas with me.

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Then Jasper and Tymen were racecar drivers!

IMG 7655 copy edited-1

After that Ben insisted that I take them all on the big slide. "It's really big," I tried to chicken out. Then I read the signs about two year olds riding down and I figured I better buck up. Jasper freaked out at the top. "This was a really, REALLY bad idea, Mama!" I talked him off his ledge and we all went down...and had a great time :) .

I was a bit bummed that the turkey legs were sold out so we had some tacos.

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At the end, a shared 25 cent foot massage and some cotton candy a nice little girl shared.

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Here's an overview of our month:

This month Ruby has jumped into her fall activities. She's been working hard at second grade routines and expectations and talking at the right time :)....she's got some chatty genetics! We've been biking back and forth to school and I am loving the extra bit of time with her. Part of the fun of going in early has been open checkout at the library which she gets to do a few times a week. She's also leapt into soccer with Ben as the coach. It's her first year and though at first she was a bit overwhelmed at what she didn't know, she's jumped right in and worked hard to learn. I have discovered I am quite a loud soccer mom, cheering on the girls. The other thing this month has been her glasses, and I am pleased that she is so happy about them. (Thanks to all of you who have told her how cute she is!)

Jasper has started his preschool and is absolutely loving it. His teachers dish out love and care like grandmas dish out dessert. This week they taste tested apples and painted color wheels. "Mama! Did you know that blue and purple make yellow?" I think he's really needed a place all his own and he is flourishing. At home, we are doing a few minutes of "school time" each day. With Ruby I had done lots of letters and numbers by this point and a few months ago I realized Jasper didn't even know his numerals. He has pretty much got all his letter sounds down and now we are working on three letter words. It's so fun for me to see the light go on with reading!

Tymen has been doing some "school time" with mom too, though if he doesn't master "yellow" soon, it will drive me to the brink. "Tymen!! No, it's yellow! Yellow! Yellow!!" He is having fun though and so am I :). He's been missing Jasper when he's at school and wandering around, not quite sure what to do without his partner. I am finding that when they are together they are playing happily for hours. Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Theo is a sweet bub. I just posted his eleven month update. He is one happy little guy, except at mealtimes, where he screams like he's being stabbed if you pause in spooning him bites. I find my nerves are on end at mealtime.

Ben has had a busy month picking up my mess. I have been all over the place with obligations and photo sessions and he has bent over backwards to make it all happen for me. What a guy. I am thankful for him!! He also went to a fantastic men's retreat with our church and came back so refreshed and re-focused on how he wants to walk with the Lord. He's been doing a great job coaching soccer and the way Ruby lights up with him is so completely worth the learning curve.

I have been busy indeed. September and October are huge months for photos. I really do love it so much and am amazed at how much it fills my tank and energizes me. I have my logo being re-worked and am in the process of thinking through a new website, which will be on the back burner until this rush is over. It's made me think a lot about who I am, what I love about photography, and where I fit in. I will write about it a bit more later but it feels refreshing to me to be feeling more comfortable with what I am and what I am not, what I love to do and what feels like more work. I have been thinking about pricing and the balance between making photography affordable to those who want it (which I love!!) and making money for my time. I want to be chosen because of what I do, not because of my inexpensive pricing, but I also want it to be within reach. Where's the balance? I have appreciated all of you who have given me feedback on this. Anyhoo. I am thinking, and enjoying, and feeling very, very blessed to be doing what I love on all fronts.

Heading into October, I am so excited about my trip to Texas next week with my bookends where I have several mini sessions and one regular session with a dear, dear friend. Just last night, finally counted how many sessions I have packed into October and it made me feel like getting myself in order...gasp....because there's lots to do ahead!

***I have a couple more spots open in November and then in December I will just do newborns and maternity sessions if they come up. Let me know if you want one of the spots to be yours!