Every month we take a picture of the six of us and we have almost made it the whole year. This month I am a bit late with the update but I feel perfectly fine about it as I have been one very busy girl!! I am not quite sure why it didn't occur to me to space out sessions a bit better but including my mini sessions in Texas and here, I have done twenty-seven sessions in the month of October. Just typing that makes me want an iced breve latte and a foot massage. That is a record I will not be attempting to beat, that's for sure. I knew October would be busy and I really packed it out. The truth is that although I certainly could never keep up that kind of pace, it has been a really fun month and I have enjoyed myself enormously. I have been working hard and am pleased to just be four sessions under at this point, with everyone else blogged and having their disks.

So....a little family update.

First I wanted to share about our trip to the pumpkin patch. After a week of luscious sun through autumn trees, we ended up with torrential rain when my family came in town for Theo's birthday and our pumpkin patch trip. I had these amazing owl hats made and had pictured kids sitting in the sunshine on rustic benches, pumpkins beside them, munching caramel apples and was a little bummed that it was looking like we'd be swimming in the patch instead. With the forecast being a wet, sloggy, sloppy mess for the weekend we just decided to go for it and I realized on the way over, I needed to let it go. As it was, it was muddy and messy and crazy but also terribly fun.

I did have everyone sit on a porch for the cousins' picture. They're a hoot :) .

IMG 5604 copy edited-1

Here are my crazies.

IMG 5734 copyw edited-1

Niece Quinny felt a little overwhelmed.

IMG 5779 copy edited-1

However, it was nothing that a good chocolate bribe couldn't fix.

IMG 5785 copy edited-1

We shot pumpkins, looked at animals, raced ducks through troughs, lost Tymen, found Tymen, recovered Theo's hat from a big mud puddle, and pulled the best pumpkins from the field.

IMG 5933 copy edited-1

IMG 5965 copy edited-1

IMG 6036 copy edited-1

IMG 6054 copy edited-1

IMG 6073 copy edited-1

IMG 6094 copy edited-1

IMG 6115 copy edited-1

IMG 6024 copy edited-1

In the end we were soaked to the bone but it was good to be together. Rolling with it was the only way to go and I am glad we all did.

The next day, my dad took some family pictures for us after a lovely brunch at Wild Wheat in Kent where they put real ganache in the mochas.... heaven to the soul!! Thanks, Dad, for being great even when I got a bit bossy!

Loved that Ruby just had to get herself in the pictures with Mum and Dad.

IMG 7629 copy edited-2

IMG 7638 copy edited-1

Then before the romance faded, we had to get a little kissing action from Oma and Opa too.

IMG 7646 copy edited-1

Ruby and Ben started swing dancing and I love that's he's taught her how to do that. Come on, Dad, let's do the doughnut! I took a few pictures of them in the alley with the little brother wandering into the shot.

IMG 7730 copy edited-1

IMG 7733 copy edited-1

IMG 7652 copy edited-1

IMG 7676 copy edited-1

IMG 7781 copy edited-1

IMG 7808 copy edited-1

I say to him. "You're the boy I have always wanted." He says, "You're a good mama. I always wanted you too."

IMG 7870 copy edited-1

IMG 7936 copy edited-1

IMG 7961 copy edited-1

IMG 7975 copy edited-1

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In October:

Ruby has been reading Nancy Drew books and writing poetry. We had a great time on our trip to Texas together except for the meatball-baby-no-more-diapers-or-wipes-squished-in-the-bathroom-with-Theo-Mom-Ruby episode on the plane when she sagely noted, "Life isn't always easy, is it?"

Jasper has been loving school and all the attention he gets from the pretty girls. He told me after school one day, "It's not right to kiss at school." Thankful for teachers who get that lesson across as well as the A, B, C's.

Tymen had a great visit to Oma and Opa's when we went to Texas and loved being the center of all that loving attention.

Theo's greatest thrill is when we smell his square, chubby feet that he points in our direction, and then we yell, "Ooooooeeeee!! Peeeee-uuuuuuu!!!!" He laughs like a wild thing.

We're a messy bunch but we are blessed and happyand thankful.