What do you know?  I took our family picture early this month.  Yay, me! I even have it printed out and hanging in our stair gallery which badly needed updating.


I am deeply thankful for these five people that I’ve been blessed with.  This month has been filled with celebrations like mother’s day and Ruby’s tenth whoop-de-doo birthday.  It’s been kept exciting with the youngest “big boy” feeling the need to pee everywhere he can creatively get away with it (oy!!).  It’s been noisy with karate chops and Ruby’s new cd’s playing. It’s been grounded by late night chats and snacking with Ben and Meghan.  It’s been tasting like a lot of cake that we made for the dessert auctions and other cakes we bought at the dessert auctions.  There have been scuffles and snuggles, ten thousand loads of laundry as always, and our first “get in the water at the beach trips”. There’s been laughing, there’s been crying and as always….a lot of talking. I love these crazies.

May was a good month.